I Am Bad Whether…


I Am Bad Whether is an up-and-coming feminist press founded by poet, activist, and tech guru Muerta-Paz Con Corazon Sin-Guerra. A few months ago, Muerta decided that my collection Curved Tongue, Forked Road would be the first book she published. After several more rounds of manuscript revision, we’re getting ready to launch!

Of course, as a start-up, the press needs help to get going. We’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to help get things up and running. I’m excited about the perks we have to offer, everything from postcards to books to workshops! So if you want to support feminist publishing in Texas, check out the campaign.

I’m also offering a bonus incentive for readers of this blog. If you contribute, let me know (via comment here or via email), and I will send you a bonus postcard featuring recent work. This applies to donations at any level.

For those of you who want to help but don’t have spare cash, we appreciate you getting the word out on our behalf! Share on social media, talk it up at events, and get people interested.

Muerta and I appreciate your support!

Writing Prompt: Summer Lovin’

Note: Apologies for late and/or absent mailings of these prompts. With the summer weather, I’m more inclined to spend my time out and about than at my computer.

In light of the fact that I’ve been away so much enjoying the weather, I thought a summer prompt would be in order.

Not everyone loves summer the way I do. Some people in Texas outright hate it. For today’s prompt, make a list of all the things you hate about summer. Circle the thing you hate the most. Then write an ode to what you despise about the season.

Weekly Writing Prompt: Tiny Poems About Big Things

Note: Apologies for late and/or absent postings of these prompts. With the summer weather, I’m more inclined to spend my time out and about than at my computer. 

Think of something big. It can be physical, like the state of Alaska or Texas. It can be an event, like World War II. Anything you could consider large-scale. Now, write a poem on the subject, limiting yourself to 15 lines.

Weekly Writing Prompt: Listen

Go to a restaurant or coffee shop that’s has a decent crowd in it. Ideally, it will be busy enough that there will be multiple conversations going on around you at once. Sit down, open your notebook or laptop, and listen. (And don’t forget to order something to support the establishment!) See what snippets of conversation you can pick out. Write things down. You don’t have to follow just one conversation. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. Pick out sentences, phrases, and words. Write them down as they happen. Let everything be fragmented and disjointed. I recommend listening for at least 30 minutes.

Once you’ve gotten a solid amount of material, you can go one of two ways. First, you can find a phrase or sentence that really resonates with you, and build a story or poem using that as your inspiration. Alternately, you can take your hodgepodge of sentences and create a poem using only what you’ve transcribed.

AFPF On Hiatus for 2015

I mentioned this over at the official Austin Feminist Poetry Festival blog a few weeks ago, but I’ve decided to take a hiatus from the festival this year. The past two years were incredible! However, I’ve just finished a two-year term on the Austin Poetry Society board and I’ve spent the first few months of the year giving a lot of attention to the Texas Poetry Calendar. I’m at the point where I need a break. Plus, since I’m starting my MFA in the fall, I need to focus on my studies–and running a fall festival is not entirely conducive to that!

I also want to restructure the festival, and get it more in line with my larger vision. That requires time. So I’m going to take this year to figure out how I want things to develop.

I do have some smaller events in the works for later this year, so stay tuned…

Another Go at the 30/30 Project

Back in 2013, I participated in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project, an ongoing fundraiser for the press in which volunteer poets commit to writing a poem a day for 30 days, and those who are inspired by their work can make donations in their honor.

I had so much fun in 2013 that I knew I wanted to participate again. I’m writing alongside a slew of amazing poets, and having fun. My initial poems have come from The Daily Poet prompts and politics. The title of my Day 4 poem popped into my head while I was washing dishes.

You can check out the May 30/30 poems here. If you’re interested in donating, you can do so here.