Weekend Adventures

Friday started out South Austin style. After work, I met up with Jon at Barton Springs for some swimming, sunning, and writing flash fiction. Then we went for a late lunch at Taco Xpress. Delicious tacos, queso, and agua fresca. I love working across the street from this place. After chilling out at home for […]

Story a Day Report for May 5th

Title: Untitled Genre: Flash fiction Word Count: 156 words Total Time: 10 minutes Comments: I wrote this piece for another one of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges, but I’m not sure it’s going to get posted. The muse has really not been around this week. I keep writing because I committed to writing, but so far […]

Story a Day Report for May 4th

Title: My Best Friend Word Count: Not sure. I typed this by hand. I’m going to guess around 500. Total Time: 40 minutes Genre: Mainstream Comments: Still struggling to get words out this week. My friend’s death has me in a bit of a funk. Still, I’m pushing through and working. I love the idea in the story, I just […]

Story a Day Report for May 3rd

Title: None Word Count: 1,001 Total Time: 1.5 hours Genre: Horror Comments: I don’t hate this one. It’s a pretty complete piece. I need to flesh out a bit of narrative in the middle, but it doesn’t have the huge gaps that are in my stories from the first two days. It’s not great, but I’m also a beginning horror […]

Story-A-Day Report: Day 2

Title: None Word Count: 1,122 Total Time: Didn’t keep track. It was a busy day with bad news (see below), so I just took it 100 words at a time in between phone calls, errands, and other things. I’m going to say 3 hours,  but it was 3 hours laced with distractions. Obviously. Because I can […]

Story a Day Report for May 1st

Story Title: None Word Count: 5,300 Total Time: 6 hours, 15 minutes (though I imagine it might have been a little less, as that whole presidential announcement proved to be quite a distraction). Genre: Personal alternate history Comments: It has a beginning, middle, and end, but it’s not complete. There are brackets where sections need […]