Two Recent Poetry Publications!

Although I haven’t been devoting much time to poetry lately, some of the pieces I sent out earlier this year have been accepted and published. First, a poem called “Awake at All Hours” appeared in the most recent issue of Ardent!¬†The piece was inspired by reading Eavan Boland (though is not an attempt at imitation), […]

Infinite Summer, Day 3

I got up to page 55 today. In recent months, I’ve complained quite a bit about literary fiction. Much of what I read in literary journals bores me. It’s beautiful, elegant – and nothing happens. I’ve gotten quite enamored with well-written genre fiction which, as one person put it, has both action and¬†ambiance. Given that […]

Infinite Summer, Day 2

Finishing out today on page 42. Reading this was a lovely way to spend my lunch hour. Assorted thoughts: Forget the footnotes. I can’t read this book unless I’m in the presence of a dictionary! Not that I’m complaining. This will be the most work I’ve done to expand my vocabulary since I stopped being […]

Infinite Summer, Day 1

I’m ending day one a bit ahead of schedule; I read halfway through page 27 on my lunch hour at work. Some miscellaneous thoughts: I skipped the Eggers introduction. I don’t typically like to read introductions when I’m starting something new and exciting. I wanted to go into this book not knowing anything (other than […]

Weekend Adventures

I realized as I sat down to write this post that I didn’t actually take any photos this weekend. I guess after weeks of travel and taking touristy photos at every turn, I needed a break from the camera. This weekend was fairly low-key. Last weekend we were in NYC, two weekends before that I […]