Starting Over and Giving Up

Greetings from our new townhouse! After two-and-a-half years at one apartment (a nice change from moving every year while I was in school), it was time to leave. Management at our old place changed, we weren’t thrilled, and it was time to move on. Fortunately, we found a townhouse in our price range only 3/4 […]

October Unprocessed Wrap-Up

As I mentioned yesterday, I successfully completed October Unprocessed. I went 31 days without a single processed food. Sometimes, it was difficult. Sometimes, it was frustrating. But it was also probably the healthiest thing I have ever done for my body. Mid-month, I complained about being busy, overworked, and not having energy to cook. I […]

October Accomplishments

I was slightly less productive in October than I was in September, but only slightly: Wrote 41 poems Submitted 7 poems Submitted my chapbook manuscript to two competitions Started assembling a folder of potential poems for my next manuscript Started a spreadsheet to keep track of writing guides and whether or not they helped me […]

Weekend Adventures

This weekend was theoretically a relaxing one. But it proved once again that I thrive on being busy. Last week was frustrating for a couple of reasons, the main one being that my wonderful friend Reesa is back in the hospital. She’s been battling a recurrence of breast cancer for pretty much the entire year, […]