January Reading Report

I enjoyed everything I read in January, and came close to actually meeting my somewhat intense goal. Here’s a list of what found a place next to my bed (or in my bookbag): Kelli Russell Agodon, Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room Marian Aitches, Fishing for Light Umberto Eco, Confessions of a Young Novelist Dave […]

Goodbye, Reesa

I met Reesa in February of 2010. I was having a rough week, and my friends Lynn and Casey took me to the weekly poker game she hosted, thinking it would cheer me up. It did. Reesa was already sick at that point, though the cancer had not been diagnosed. Despite the fact that she […]

December Accomplishments

Despite all of the holiday-related fun I had in December, this was a pretty good month for my my writing. Here is what I managed to accomplish: Wrote 32 poems Submitted 14 poems Submitted my chapbook manuscript to two competitions Found a new system for keeping track of my submissions (I ended up going with […]