Caught Between Sea and Shore [IndieInk Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, SAM challenged me with “Use this image for inspiration: (Josephine Wall “The Discovery”)” and I challenged Carrie with “Write a haibun ( about summer camp. “ I’ve been rowing all night, watching the pearled moon move across the water, enjoying the way the stars traverse their velvet […]

Weekend Adventures

The past four weekends were intense. I had Reesa’s memorial service the last weekend of February. The weekend after that was my friend Amanda’s bachelorette party. The weekend after that was Amanda and John’s wedding. And finally, I rounded off four weeks of business with a dance competition in Houston. Throw in a sick dog […]

Haiku of Leaves [IndieInk Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, SAM challenged me with “Rewrite your favorite story.” and I challenged Kirsten Doyle with “Take the opening line from the book you’re reading. Use that somewhere in the middle of your piece.” *** The house is hungry. Johnny has gone exploring. The minotaur waits. *** For more info […]

What do Julius Caesar and I have in common? We both had pretty bad days on the Idea of March. Of course, his involved getting stabbed to death, so it was worse. Mine (in 2010) just involved a concussion, stitches in my lip (of which I remember every single one, because the anesthetic had worn off, but […]

Pending Investigation [IndieInk Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Jester Queen challenged me with “I’m certain you’re an honest young man. Nonetheless, I need concrete proof before I can make an accusation of that nature” and I challenged Michael with “I’ve got half a mind to destroy the world that destroyed me.” Pending Investigation “I’m certain (Though […]

February Accomplishments

February didn’t feel all that productive at the beginning, but I was working at a pretty good clip at the end. Here’s what I accomplished: Wrote 31 poems Submitted 11 poems Submitted my chapbook manuscript twice Finished the February stage of my ghostwriting project Attended both February Wingbeats workshops Went through my fiction folder and organized […]

February Reading Report

Wow. I got a lot of reading done in February. Voices by Lucille Clifton Blue Nights by Joan Didion Babel by Barbara Hamby (re-read) Betty Superman by Tiff Holland Alms for Oblivion by Bryce Milligan The Paris Review Interviews: Women Writers at Work, edited by George Plimpton Poets and Writers March/April 2012 (not finished) Southern […]