My Most Beautiful Thing

Today, I’m taking part in the My Most Beautiful Thing Blogsplash, to promote Fiona Robyn‘s newest novel, The Most Beautiful Thing. I’ve been motivated and inspired by Fiona and Kaspa’s work after I discovered a handful of stones last fall, so I’m happy to join in this celebration of Fiona’s work. To see what other Blogsplashers […]

The kind of poetry I write

Over at Harriet, Rachel Zucker wrote a post noting that it’s important for poets to define the kind of poetry we write. She then did a two-part post (Part One here; Part Two here) in which various poets described (or attempted to describe, because it’s difficult) their kind of poetry. Because I believe this is […]

Exceeding expectations

Back in December, I set myself several writing goals for 2012. One was to submit a total of 52 poems in 2012. Tonight, while trying to decide where I wanted to submit some writing, I took a look at my home page and found that I’ve already well exceeded my plan for the year. […]

Illegible Map [IndieInk Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, littlewonder2 challenged me with “Write 42 words about a character lost in the dark.” and I challenged lisa with “Write a piece in which the entirety of the plot takes place in a fast food restaurant.” Illegible Map I know I’m doomed because the bright stars can’t provide […]

New year, new goals

I turned twenty-eight yesterday! Huzzah! And with that comes an update of my page of life goals. Now I have twenty-eight things I want to do before I turn twenty-nine. Except I currently only have twenty-one. But as it says on the page, I have a whole year to come up with stuff. I thought […]

March Reading Report

Despite March being a very busy month, I got some great reading done. Here’s what made my list for the month: Kelli Russell Agodon and Annette Spaulding-Convy, eds. - Fire on Her Tongue: An eBook Anthology of Contemporary Women’s Poetry Ardent! 6.2, December 2011 (Yes, I am perpetually behind on literary journals.) Sandra Cisneros - Loose Woman […]

First Blood [IndieInk Challenge]

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Sir challenged me with “‘When does the fun start?’, he asked, blood dripping slowly from the knife in his right hand.” and I challenged Cedar with “Write a narrative constructed out of a series of haiku.” Note: You might have guessed from the prompt, but this post is […]

March Accomplishments

March was a busy month! I ended up not being as productive as I would have liked, but considering how frantic I was, I’m pretty pleased with what I did pull of. Here’s what I ended up doing this month: Wrote 41 poems Submitted 24 poems Submitted my chapbook manuscript Finished the March stage of […]

Editor’s Choice Finalist!

On Sunday evening, I got some exciting news. I learned that one of my IndieInk pieces, “Caught Between Sea and Shore,” has been nominated for an Editor’s Choice Award for the month of March! There’s both an Editor’s Choice, and a Reader’s Choice. Meaning that anyone on the internet can read the selection of nominees […]