Exciting Things!

Many awesome writing things happened to me over the course of last week. So here is a post chock-full of good news! First, I have a piece of flash fiction, entitled “Eulogy,” up at the San Antonio Current. Meaning I’m making progress on my fiction list! I love this feature, and I’m excited to have work […]

Writing habits

Via Kelli Russell Agodon, the Tin House blog has a post about the habits of highly effective writers (Kelli also did a similar post of her own). It’s pretty interesting to see how different people work. I’m currently not writing full-time. But even though writing doesn’t happen at all hours of the day for me, I’m still […]

RIP IndieInk

After six years, IndieInk has decided to cease operations. I regret that I didn’t find out about the awesome site and community until near the end, but when I was participating, I got some really challenging prompts and met some really fun writers. So while I only had a short run there, I’m glad I […]

Why I go on writing

Last week, I came upon Becky Tuch’s “On Quitting Writing,” which is actually a series of statements by authors and editors about why they don’t quit writing, or why they came back after a long hiatus. Which, of course, got me thinking about what keeps me going, especially because my focus is on poetry, and there […]

April Reading Report

I didn’t quite meet my reading goals for April — fiction was not a feature on my reading list. But I still read some amazing books. Elizabeth S. D. Engelhardt, et. al., Republic of Barbecue (My good friend, the brilliant Carly Kocurek, was a contributor to this delicious book that will seriously leave you hungry.) Audre […]

April Accomplishments

At the beginning of April, I didn’t quite realize just how busy I was going to be, and how much I’d struggle to take time for my writing. But I still managed to accomplish quite a bit Here’s what I did in April: Wrote 32 poems Submitted 18 poems Submitted my chapbook manuscript Wrote and […]

Congrats to the Big Poetry Giveaway Winners!

With the help of this random number generator, I’ve selected the winners for my Big Poetry Giveaway 2012. Congratulations to Shawnte, who won the copy of Susan Wheeler’s Ledger, and Ronald Lewis, who won the copy of Allison Benis White’s Self-Portrait with Crayon. I’ll have the books out on Monday, after I get back from Poetry at […]