Level Up!

Early in May, Jon and I walked into Master Gohring’s Tai Chi and Kung Fu somewhat on a whim. Jon wanted to get more exercise and had always wanted to try martial arts. And as much as I love to dance, after twenty years of that being my primary physical activity, I was looking to […]

Midmonth Link Roundup

Looking for a new job? Resumebaking.com is a pretty nifty resume-building site. Gillian Flynn on being a bad girl (or woman). Chris Hallbeck has a Maximumble comic about those of us who get annoyed by too many photos of kids on social networking sites, and then post way too many pictures of our pets. Guilty […]

Poet About Town (Houston Edition)

Just a reminder that this month, I’ll be joining a group of amazing poets for the first in a series of readings for the 2013 Texas Poetry Calendar. Scott Wiggerman reports that all of the readings look to have spectacular attendance this year. This reading will take place at Blue Willow Bookshop in Houston, Texas. I […]

Haiku up at Extract(s)

I have an haiku up today at Extract(s). The photo that accompanies it is an original one, taken while standing at the top of Enchanted Rock on a cloudy day. This haiku came out of my small stones practice. Not all of my small stones are haiku — in fact, most of them aren’t — […]