What I loved in 2012

While I’ve blogged my reading lists pretty extensively, I haven’t listed all of the things I’ve loved this year. So here’s a rundown of great music, websites, and tech stuff I discovered. Note that not all of it was brand new this year, but it was new to me. Television Buffy the Vampire Slayer, seasons […]

2012 in Pictures

Inspired by the “2012 in Photos” post over at The New Me, I decided to do a summary of 2012 using photos. I more or less followed Chrissy’s setup, using photos I’d taken with my good camera, though made an exception for two group shots other people took that I really wanted to share. January: The […]

New Poem Up!

This weekend, “A Soul for an Hour” was published in the San Antonio Express-News, appearing both in print and online. This is the first of my twenty-six abecedarian sonnets to be published, and I’m happy to have the series debut in a Texas publication. Thanks to poetry editor Jim LaVilla-Havelin for publishing my work. (The online […]

Belated Reading Report

So much has kept me busy lately, so I’m getting to this list much later than I prefer. But here’s an update on what I read last month. You’ll notice that I’ve let go of my plan of one novel, one nonfiction work, 4 poetry collections, one literary journal, and one craft book. The length […]