30/30 Project: Wrapping Up

The January portion of the 30/30 Project ended today. Thanks to everyone who donated as a result of our efforts. Your contributions are appreciated by press and poet alike. Final inspirations: Patti Smith albums (specifically Gung Ho and Peace and Noise), Lewis Turco’s “Paren(t)hesis” exercise in Wingbeats, Afaa Michael Weaver’s “The Bop” exercise in Wingbeats, the smell of […]

It’s a major award!

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be so silly, but I just couldn’t resist making that reference. What can I say? I’m giddy. I found out that my poem, “Of Barbecue and Blood,” won third prize in the Southern Writers Symposium Emerging Writers Award. I was floored when I found out. I’m looking forward to planning a […]

Weekly readings

Another week has closed, and with it comes some excellent writing. Patti Smith’s Horses by Philip Shaw — I just started this tiny volume about one of my all-time favorite albums. Kate Greenstreet’s 104 First Book Interviews – the original series. All illuminating. I’m learning so much. “Murmuration. The Poetry of the Morning Walk.” by Christie […]

Weekend Reading

A lot of worthwhile stuff appeared online this week. (I’m stick in the thick of A Dance With Dragons, so new books haven’t crossed my radar.) Kenyon drama professor Thomas Turgeon died this week from ALS. I never took a class with him (honestly, I never even met him), but I did live in his house the […]

Photos around town

2013 is a photogenic one, apparently. On January 6th, I joined the Photographers Adventure Group for a photo walk downtown. This past weekend, I went on a hike with my friend Melanie and her pug, Lux. Then I walked around the Capitol area taking photos while Jon played Ingress (though apparently one does not “play” […]

30/30, Days 6-12

How are we nearly halfway through January already? That means I’m nearly done with the 30/30 Project. This week was a little tougher than the first one, but I’m still having a great time.  And I’m definitely still enjoying the work of my fellow participants. Katerina Stoykova-Klemer read a selection of our poems on her […]

Weekly Reading Roundup

A Dance With Dragons — Yep! It’s in from the library. I find it annoying that I have to do thinks like go to work rather than sit around reading all day. “Deep Thoughts With Muffie the Cat” — Grammar Cat is one of the best sources of grammar knowledge on the internet. And I […]