Workshops and Coaching

Upcoming Workshop: Remix, Repeat, Reply: Playing with the Villanelle


Many poets are intimidated by the prospect of writing formal poetry. The villanelle, with the constraint of repeated lines, can seem especially daunting. This workshop will explore different ways of creating villanelles, including using found lines, to push the boundaries of constrains and make the form a fun exploration of sound and rhythm.

Click here for more details, or go here to fill out the registration form.

Interested in other workshops?

I have been working as a teacher, tutor and writing coach since 2005. I am available for poetry workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. In a group setting, I can create a welcoming, supportive atmosphere and help students learn a new approach to their work. I can help individual clients set goals for their work, brainstorm ideas, revise their pieces, search for potential publishing markets, and self-publish their work.

Please contact me at for rates and availability.

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