Word for the year

2012 was a very productive year for me. I generated a lot of new drafts. My chapbook was accepted at Finishing Line Press. I won two poetry prizes. I published two pieces of flash fiction. I published eighteen poems in print and online. I wrote memoir for the first time. I started a fiction critique […]

August Accomplishments

August was one of my slower months for writing. Well, that’s not entirely true. It was a very good month for poetry; I just didn’t do much with other projects. Drafted 40 poems Submitted 21 poems Submitted chapbook Wrote and submitted a piece of creative nonfiction Began planning the First Annual Austin Feminist Poetry Festival A […]

July Accomplishments

As I mentioned yesterday, July was a pretty wild ride, at least for my writing. Here’s a rundown of what I accomplished. Drafted 39 poems Sent out my chapbook manuscript Submitted 10 poems (and admittedly did not send out work the last week of July, but will make up for it with a double submission […]

May Accomplishments

Here’s what I did in May: Wrote 32 poems Submitted 24 poems Submitted my manuscript Finished and submitted three fiction pieces, one of which was accepted and published Researched my NaNoWriMo 2012 project Figured out the focus for my poetry collection I did not: Finish my poetry table (still) Work on my epic poem I’m […]

April Accomplishments

At the beginning of April, I didn’t quite realize just how busy I was going to be, and how much I’d struggle to take time for my writing. But I still managed to accomplish quite a bit Here’s what I did in April: Wrote 32 poems Submitted 18 poems Submitted my chapbook manuscript Wrote and […]

Exceeding expectations

Back in December, I set myself several writing goals for 2012. One was to submit a total of 52 poems in 2012. Tonight, while trying to decide where I wanted to submit some writing, I took a look at my WritersDB.com home page and found that I’ve already well exceeded my plan for the year. […]

New year, new goals

I turned twenty-eight yesterday! Huzzah! And with that comes an update of my page of life goals. Now I have twenty-eight things I want to do before I turn twenty-nine. Except I currently only have twenty-one. But as it says on the page, I have a whole year to come up with stuff. I thought […]

March Accomplishments

March was a busy month! I ended up not being as productive as I would have liked, but considering how frantic I was, I’m pretty pleased with what I did pull of. Here’s what I ended up doing this month: Wrote 41 poems Submitted 24 poems Submitted my chapbook manuscript Finished the March stage of […]

February Accomplishments

February didn’t feel all that productive at the beginning, but I was working at a pretty good clip at the end. Here’s what I accomplished: Wrote 31 poems Submitted 11 poems Submitted my chapbook manuscript twice Finished the February stage of my ghostwriting project Attended both February Wingbeats workshops Went through my fiction folder and organized […]