Full House

I haven’t been blogging much lately. Work has been busy, and the bulk of my writing life has been spent drafting¬†Cutting Teeth¬†(I finished the first draft on Sunday; more about that later in the week). In addition to the career-related ¬†business, we have another canine addition to the family.

Maxwell and Simon get acquainted

Over the past few weeks, we’d noticed a stray dog running around the neighborhood. He didn’t have the sense to not run toward speeding cars, either — Jon and I nearly hit him more than once. The little guy would frequently approach us on our walks, and while Max was reticent at first, they soon became buddies. After some inquiry, we found out he’d been abandoned by a family in the street who couldn’t afford to feed him anymore. Jon and I couldn’t just let him roam around in the middle of a very hot summer. So last Tuesday, we brought him home. The neighborhood kids called him Blackie, but that wasn’t working for us. So we renamed him Simon.

We weren’t intending to get a second dog this soon. The timing isn’t exactly perfect. But we knew we had to take him in. And so far, so good. There are some minor issues, of course. He’s very territorial about the second bedroom. He and Max need to be fed in separate areas of the house (for now). He’s a howler, and Max has been imitating him. He needs to get neutered (happening tomorrow), and he didn’t come to us pre-trained. We have our work cut out for us. But he and Max wrestle and play, and Max seems way happier to have a friend around when we’re gone at work all day. We’re happy to have Simon, and I’m looking forward to many years with him.


Welcome, Maxwell!

We weren’t expecting to get a dog for Christmas…and then last Tuesday, and a friend of ours of ours put an adorable chihuahua-daschund mix (also known as a chaweenie) up for adoption. When we found out he was already crate trained and had the basic commands down, Jon and I had a feeling he might be the dog for us (I’ve always known I could never handle a puppy that needed heavy training from the moment we brought it home; I just don’t have the patience). Amy brought Maxwell over on Christmas Eve, and by the time it got dark, we had a puppy.

So far, he’s adjusting quite well to his new environment, and only seemed to have the most minor separation anxiety. He of course wants to play with the degus, and they want nothing to do with him, but we put their cages up on card tables so he can’t get in their faces. Now all the pets are happy! Jon and I are totally in love with him. So without further ado, here is a bunch of puppyspam!